About Us
KERPİCCİ A.Ş. Export Office was founded in Ankara for the meet export demand of the factories of prominent brands of Turkey. Over time, it has brought its exports to the highest levels in the sector by promoting and marketing to Europe, Central Asia, Africa and South America. By the growing and developing market, it started to work on different products. It begun to work with Turkey's famous brands such as Çaykur, Kızılay Mineral Water, Doğadan, Didi and has added them to the portfolio as having regional and local authority basis. It exports its products which are under export authority to all over the world, especially European countries.

All of the products, for which we have undertaken the roles of international marketing, dealership network development, export operations and after-sales customer satisfaction, are labeled in accordance with the rules and language of each country. As these products are also registered to the REACH System (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of Chemicals), they enjoy the right of free movement. All the brands within our product portfolio are placed on the international markets at retail sales points with high quality and competitive prices without making concessions to the after-sales customer satisfaction.

Our mission is supply product to customers on time in full and duly packed with more than 20 years experience and qualified export teams. KERPİCCİ A.Ş. Export Office always stands behind its products by selling high quality goods, keeps its promises by delivering the products on time, accepts return of products, strengthen the customers by distributing promotions.

We follow decisive and sustainable sales policies worldwide that respect ethical values and prioritize customer satisfaction. As a result of this; We rank 46th in the sectoral exporters list of Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters Association (İKMİB), which represents the sector in which we operate. We are happy to answer your requests 24/7.